The workout won’t only remind you of the skiing basics as a beginner, but will also upgrade your skiing knowledge and expertise as a professional skier.


The hand holder provides a firm hold when training. The hand holder is in BASIC and STANDARD version, depending on the ski machine; the standard hand holder comes with the ST control computer, which record data about your workout so you can have a better overview of your progress. You can modify the hand holder by adding a bottle holder for longer workouts.


This Ski machine has a frame that provides a support system and fixtures for ski-poles. Holding the frame during the workout will help you keep the balance. More advanced skiers can let go of the frame and workout with their hands free or holding ski-poles.


The Ski simulator Cart has 2 foot pedals, where you stand during the workout. The foot pedals can be manually moved further apart or closer together, depending on the height of the person.


On the bottom of the cart, there are several elastic bands that can be adjusted according to your weight. They can easily be shifted or even removed.


  • ski training all year around
  • hold your muscles in perfect shape
  • improve your physical condition, coordination, strenght and balance
  • from low to very high intensity cardio exercises
  • good for after-injury rehabilitation
  • for beginners, professionals and kids alike

I tested several similar devices and must say that Pro Ski Simulator is the absolute winner and my own personal assistent already for years…

NIKA FLEISS Croatian alpine skier

Very good training device that realy works.

ANA KOBAL Slovenian alpine skier

This machine will guaranteed blast performance of any user.

MITJA DRAGŠIČ Slovenian alpine skier


  • average 800 - 1000 kcal per training
  • TECH - technique development
  • POWER - strength development



pro ski simulator

The program contains over 1000 basic exercises for “TECH”- technique development, “POWER”- strength development, “CARDIO”- functional abilities (aerobic fitness) and “INTENSITY”- HIT training that guarantees high consumption of fat. All of these training types are adjusted to all levels of exercisers, BEGINNERS, ADVANCED or PRO.

With the PRO SKI UP program we are opening new exercise dimensions. People really enjoy it!


Skier on the slopes
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