Professional Ski Fitness

Importance of Core Muscle Training For Skiing

There is no such thing as an injury-free ski season. Each winter season, the statistics record ski-related accidents that have occur to both recreational and professional skiers. Inadequate ski training results in mostly minor injuries such as contusions and sprains. Poor ski fitness may also result in serious situations such as concussions, knee ligament injuries or foot fractures. Due to irregular ski workouts and poor pre-season preparations, most of the injuries occur with recreational skiers.

Ski Workouts Are a Must

The first step before descending from the snowy slopes is a mandatory ski workout. As one might expect, a good ski workout covers not only leg training exercises, which are vitally important, but also whole-core strengthening, which is essential for an injury-free skiing season.

Basic ski training involves exercising your lower back, stomach muscles and transverse abdominal muscles. Developing these with proper workouts will improve your balance, physical stability and coordination, bringing your ski technique to a whole new level and sufficiently shaping your ski fitness.

A complete replication of outdoor skiing

Training specific groups of muscles requires different sets of exercises, such as planking, back extensions, crunches and other body exercises. You can replace all these ski exercises with a complete indoor skiing workout, replicating the identical movements of outdoor skiing on the snowy slopes and at least equally improving your technique and ski fitness.

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