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by SKI-PRO Admin | Posted in Ski-training News | No comments yet. | 5109 views on this post

Over the sumer break now begins the start of the winter sports season. If you have missed the winter sports, the snow, wind behind your ears and beautiful nature, here is your chance: Ski opening – the highlight which is not to be missed. Al dough before you hit the slopes you have to answer the main question: ''Am I prepared and ready to go downhill?''

Daily routine, stress and family life make us hardly wait for the holidays. If you are the first on the uncrowded slopes, you will get the most of it. The best of all you’ll be paying less for accommodation and lift passes, therefore the ski opening is the first choice of many skiers.

Skiing makes lots of fun, because you can do it only at certain times of the year. That 's also why it can be dangerous. Before you start the season you have to do some preparation, because the last thing you want is hurt yourself and end your holidays. Here are some tips to how to get the most of the ski opening this year:

- Before you go, you have to prepare your body and mind. You have to be in good condition and you have to know what you do. Before you hit the slopes, you have to improve your technique and help avoid injures.

- If you had a skiing brake in last years, you should do some exercises, which will help you to build flexibility, strength and stability. You will be more confident and have more fun on the slopes. Most common injuries when skiing: problems with lower back mussels, hip and knee injuries. You can avoid problems and injuries using a simulator, which will help you to improve your technique and exercise the whole body.

Ski opening in Europe offers besides the long pistes also lots of party, where people many time go to far. When skiing you burn more calories, so you need to eat well, to ensure enough energy. Experts say that we need a abundant breakfast, which contains lots of  carbohydrates (cereal, muesli, wholemeal bread), proteins (egg,cottage cheese) and fat (nuts, avocado, seeds). During the activity it is recommended to consume low fat carbohydrate (fruit, energy bars, white rice, isotonic drinks). After whole day skiing it is recommended to consume a meal with high content of carbohydrates and proteins of animal origin.

The start of the season is coming, so prepare yourself to avoid injuries. Skiing is a sport, which needs lots of preparation and respect. We hope, we'll see us on a slope, where we will enjoy the magic of winter, nature  and snow.

Ski opening is waiting.


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