Pro Ski Simulator

Ski training all year

Ski Training all the year.

Improve your ski tehnique.

Hold your muscles in perfect shape.


The series of PRO SKI-Simulator Training equipment can imitate the skiing technique completely. This equipment is designed for learning or refining your technique. The construction of the equipment allows performing exercises for beginners as well as advanced level users. They are very simple to use and require no help.

This training equipment has been developed and optimized by experienced skiers. The PRO SKI Simulator can help you to learn the motion-technique and to train both your coordination and endurance at the same time. You will be able to position your body properly and keep your balance. Ski slopes will appear especially easy to you, because the rhythm of your motion will have already been internalized.

This series of equipment incorporates four models: Basic include everything for intermediate skiers, Standard include the ST Control computer, Power include the ski bindings and Professional include the rotation platform. It's for experts; i.e. experienced skiers. This model can simulate additional sloping surfaces and train double movements: carving and rotation. PRO SKI Simulator - training equipment which is suitable for home as well as for professional use. The stable construction, which is designed for intensive use and its reliable mechanical system, can easily cope with electric drive-devices. Even more than that, the PRO SKI system has distinct advantages, such as its price and the simplicity of the application.

Some of the most important advantages are without doubt its compact size, its ease of use and the low risk of injury. By using the teaching video an instructor is not necessary. PRO SKI Simulator - achieve the best results in no time!